5 Beautiful Historical Places You Cannot Miss while in Montpellier

It’s been almost 2 years I lived in Montpellier. I can say that now I know very well the city, at least, I know the route to go to the airport, to the beach, to the best home made Italian pizza, a delicious pad-thai restaurant, where to eat a bowl of Vietnamese pho soup during winter, classy patisserie who sell the best mille-feuille, salon du thé and of course fashion boutique prêt-à-porter who always on sale in any season. But that’s not what caught my attention, those old-beautiful medieval buildings that amazed me. The cathedral of Sainte-Pierre from the year of 1200, statue of Trois Grâces from 17th century, the old citadel of Montpellier which now become Joffre high school and many more. One thing that fascinates me is that they are all in good condition which can bring your imagination back to the old times. It shows me the respect of French pride in their history, their culture, their language and everything…

From dozens of beautiful historical places in this city, I chose 5 best places you can visit in a day while in Montpellier. They are in “locational order” so it will certainly saving your time. Here they are : Continue reading

Eastern Indonesia : A Once In A Lifetime Trip You Should Do

We’ve been asking many times by our friends and families about our experience visiting Komodo island back in 2012. Some of them are very curious about the famous komodo dragon story but many of them asked for our advice and demanded us to share our experience for their reference. So I decided to write our adventurous trip to the eastern part of Indonesia in my blog instead of repeated the same conversations to different persons over and over again. I included all beautiful pictures to spoil your eyes 😉  Continue reading

Almond Waffle : 2015 signature’s recipe of JavaCroissant

Winter is coming early this year here in Montpellir. The temperature decreased significantly since October and it has become the coldest October in 40 years. For us, winter means chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) and gaufre (waffle). We never missed one morning without a cup of hot chocolate plus waffle. The best way to enjoy our waffle is with nutela, no doubt! But it always goes well with peanut butter or any kind of jam even with whipped cream. Continue reading

Three Mysterious Buildings that Fascinate Me

Montpellier, my second home, the more I explore, the more I noticed that there were plenty of old-attractive-beautiful-buildings but abandoned. Some are still in good condition, well-maintained but quite few are in a state of disrepair or neglected. I’ve walked down to all the corner of the old town, from the busy street of rue Jean Moulin to the ancient street of rue l’Université, from the quartier des arceaux to beaux-arts. During our walk every weekend, I had the opportunity to explore the city and caught some places with unoccupied yet historical buildings.

Continue reading

Easy Way to Bake Brownies Nutella in 30 Minutes

If there is someone asking me this question : “Which one is your preference, to bake or to cook?” Absolutely the answer will be : to cook! I don’t really enjoy baking, it’s too complicated and just imagining all the stuffs that I have to clean after baking, is tiring already. I love cakes, I love chocolate, I am a big fans of French pastries but I am not a sweet-tooth kind of person, unlike my husband who can finish 5 kind of chocolate bars in a day and still he can continue eating ¾ of charlotte poire au chocolat cake in one night. I was even more surprised when he had 3 teaspoon of nutella in between a cup of tea. Yup! Nutella, the best chocolate jam ever created. Everybody loves it. Including us. Continue reading

Home made Organic Tempeh : The tutorial from my kitchen

Tempeh or Tempe, is traditional food of Indonesia made from fermented soybean with higher contain of protein and vitamins. Some said, it’s good for diet. Many of my French-friends said that the taste is similar like a vegetarian burger patty. My home made Tempeh is made from organic soybean. I must admit that it’s one of the thing I would never imagined I am able accomplished. Well, that’s the challenge you have to face, whether you like it or not, when you live thousand miles away from your hometown and craving for its food, there is only one way  : do it by yourself, in your own kitchen with your own hand. So, I hope you can also try your own version of home made Tempeh and these are all the ingredients that you need : Continue reading

My Creation of Lamb Tajine | Ma Création de Tajine d’Agneau

The first time I had #Tajine d’Agneau was in Clairmont-Ferrand when we visited my husband’s uncle who has hot spring medical treatment there for his illness. Elaine, his wife served the tajine with baked peer for our dinner. I was surprised knowing that she served it with fruit although I knew it’s a common thing to do in many of restaurant in France and it has become the “fashion” of French cuisine. It’s just never crossed my mind that it can be done by yourself, in your own kitchen. I always have the impression that it is only can be cooked by a five-star chef. Anyway, Elaine’s tajine was so delicious that I asked her the recipe for me to prepare back at home. So today, I decided to try an easy way of her recipe by replacing the peer with potato (too bad it is not the peer season now). Continue reading

Chicken Kebuli Rice : an ancient recipe of my family

Today I decided to cook something special for our special guest, Laure, daughter of my husband. She has become my second “true and honest” taster of my new release dishes, of course the first person is my husband. I did cooked Kebuli Rice for him 2 weeks ago, it was my first trial of this recipe and he liked it so much that he finished his third plate! So, if Laure likes it too then it confirm I can include Kebuli Rice in my menu list for my next french-guests. I got this ancient recipe from my auntie which she got it from her mother (of course her mother is my grandmother). Continue reading

The European Heritage Days

According to Wikipedia, The European Heritage Days (“Des Journées Européennes du Patrimoine”) was created the first time by France Minister of Culture in 1984 and up until today, it is being held in more than 50 countries in Europe. This annual event took place from September until early November. During these days, the public are able to discover numerous historical buildings, museums, châteaux and other places that are exceptionally open for free or with very reduced price. This is my second time that I benefited from “la journée du patrimoine” (that’s how we say it in french) during 21 months I lived in Montpellier. I am lucky enough to visit the famous Saint-Pierre Cathedral and museum of old Montpellier on Sunday afternoon 20 Sept, 2015. Continue reading